About Us

Childhood best friends, Jessica and Lanie have always loved fashion, appreciated good style, and of course, adored beautiful jewelry.  Both have an edgy, bohemian style; Jess more rocker, Lanie more hippie....together; urban boho chic. Their designs are inspired by the beauty of nature, rich jeweled tones of India, ethnic vibe of morocco, edginess of NYC and the laid back style of LA.

Like their designs, Jessie Lane Jewels was started organically.  

Jessica and Lanie began by designing and making their edgy, elegant pieces for themselves; loved combining natural woods, stones and elements with the delicate beauty of rough cut diamonds.  They wore their pieces around NYC and people started talking.  Before they knew it they were designing unique beautiful pieces for lots of lovely ladies, and so Jessie Lane was born....

Jessica currently resides in NYC with her husband
of 10 years and Lanie lives in Long Island with her
husband and 4 children.